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Localised lockdown zones

In an attempt to control coronavirus outbreaks, the government has announced that localised lockdown zones will be implemented in areas where cases appear to be rising. The restrictions will differ between home nations, so please check with your local authority about what restrictions are in your area.

For further information about localised lockdown zones in your home nation, please click the link below...

Residents in England can use the post code checker to check which COVID Level Alert is in place in their area. 

What does this mean for equestrians?

For equestrians living in local lockdown zones, this means:

  • You’re advised to stay at home as much as possible and strictly observe hand-washing, hygiene and two-metre social distancing guidance.
  • You can continue to travel to provide care and exercise for your horse because this would be deemed as essential travel. However, if you are not the primary carer of the horse and have to travel into or out of the localised lockdown zone – i.e. cross the boundary – we would encourage you not to do so at this time. 
  • You may exercise your horse outdoors, provided that strict social distancing is followed.  
  • We are advising that you should not travel your horse during this time unless essential, such as for a welfare reason such as an appointment with your vet, farrier.
  • Equine professionals (vets, farriers, coaches) are permitted to travel in and out of the zone because this is travel associated with their business. However, they should strictly observe hand-washing, hygiene and two-metre social distancing guidance.
  • Any equestrian facilities such as competition venues, facility hire, riding schools within this zone should consult with their local authority.
  • Those living outside the lockdown zone should not travel into the zone to participate in any activity, except on animal welfare grounds.

Local lockdowns are expected to be reviewed after a two-week period, but please follow your local news because advice may chance at short notice, with further restrictions put in place. Additional information is will also be available from your local council or authority.