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Updating your horse's passport

If your equine's passport has been previously changed by British Equestrian, we can amend your address details if you move address or we can alter your surname in the event of marriage. You may not need to have your passport sent to us. Please follow the procedure outlined below: 

  1. Check that your equine’s passport is stamped and been registered previously with British Equestrian. 
  2. IMPORTANT: Email your form to or call 02475 313 433 to check to see if you need to post your equine’s passport to British Equestrian. 
  3. British Equestrian will inform you whether we have an appropriate scan held on file for your equine's passport. 

What happens if an appropriate scan exists? 

  1. If an appropriate scan exists, you will be informed that you do not need to send in your equine’s passport to British Equestrian.
  2. A new address label will be printed. A £5 administration fee must be paid before your address label is sent to you in the post. 
  3. Defra's Central Equine Database will be updated with your new address.
  4. Once you have received your label with your new address, stick it below the existing address label. 
  5. Take a photo of your sticker in place on the ownership page.
  6. If you are unsure where to stick it, please contact the British Equestrian office on 02475 313 433. 
  7. Email the photo (with the new sticker in place) to, quoting your equine's name and UELN number. 
  8. British Equestrian will confirm receipt of your photo. 

What happens if my passport scan does not exist?  

  1. If an appropriate scan is NOT on file, you will be advised to send your passport and your signed change of address form to British Equestrian at the following address: British Equestrian Federation (Equine Passports), Abbey Park, Stareton, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RHThe fee for this is £14.00 which includes postage to post your equine’s passport back to you. 
  2. British Equestrian will update your equine’s passport and take an appropriate scan.
  3. British Equestrian will update Defra's Central Equine Database with your new address details. 
  4. Your equine’s passport will be sent back to you via Royal Mail’s Special Delivery before 1pm service.

What form do I need to complete for a change of address?

Please complete the form below:

Change of Address form