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Para Dressage

The squad

Click the photos below to find out more about each combination. 

Team staff

Name Role
Richard Waygood Chef de Mission
Helen Nicholls Performance Director
Georgina Sharples Chef d'Equipe
Robert Oulton Team Vet
Ian Hughes Team Farrier
Kate Haynes Equine Physio
Mark Fisher Saddler
Angela Weiss Coach
Nina Venables Coach
Beth Revill Travelling groom
Sue Keates-Richardson Travelling groom
Lucy Bell Human Physio
Sophie Thomas Head of Operations
Lucy Philips Operations and Owner Liaison
Alex van Tuyll Operations
Winnie Murphy Press Officer
Rachel Dyke Press Officer


How does the competition work? 

In para dressage, athletes are classified into five grades depending on their levels of mobility, strength and coordination. Grade 1 tests are in walk, grade 2 and 3 include walk and trot, and grade 4 and 5 are comprised of walk, trot, canter and lateral work. To assist them during their tests, riders may use additional aids such as looped reins or callers, and federations can enlist 'friendly' horses to stand just outside the arena to help the competing horse stay relaxed. In para dressage, there are three judges marking each test, spread at different points around the arena. Grades 1 to 3 ride in a 20m x 40m arena, while grade 4 and 5 ride in a 20m x 60m arena. National federations can put forward a team of four riders – teams can't contain more than two riders in any one grade. 


All four riders compete against others in their grade in a set test. The test is marked in the same way as in dressage, and the combination with the highest percentage wins the individual medal for that grade. 


All four riders ride a set test for their grade. The three highest scores are combined to produce an overall score, and the nation with the highest score wins. Riders can choose their own background music to be played during the test, but this won't be judged. 


In each grade, the top-eight combinations in the individual test go forward to the freestyle on the final day. Each combination rides their own floorplan set to music of their choice, based on a list of required movements, with additional marks given for artistic merit and degree of difficulty. No marks are carried forward from the Individual test, and the combination with the highest percentage wins. 

Previous world championship success

  Team Individual Freestyle
2018, Tryon USA Silver Silver Gold
Natasha Baker / Mount St John Diva Dannebrog (G3), Erin Orford / Diva (G3), Lee Pearson / Styletta (G1b), Sophie Wells / C Fatal Attraction (G5) Natasha Baker / Mount St John Diva Dannebrog (G3) Sophie Wells / C Fatal Attraction (G5)
  Sophie Wells / C Fatal Attraction (G5)  
2014, Normandy FRA Gold Silver Gold
Natasha Baker / Cabral (G2), Sophie Christiansen / Janeiro 6 (G1a), Lee Pearson / Zion (G1b), Sophie Wells / Valerius (G4) Natasha Baker / Cabral (G2) Lee Pearson / Zion (G1b)
  Gold Silver
  Sophie Christiansen / Janeiro 6 (G1a) Sophie Wells / C Fatal Attraction (G4)
  Lee Pearson / Zion (G1b)  
  Sophie Wells / C Fatal Attraction (G4)  
2010, Lexington USA Gold Gold Gold
Lee Pearson / Gentleman (G1b), Jo Pitt / Estralita (G2), Anne Dunham / Teddy (G1a), Sophie Christiansen / Rivaldo of Berkeley (G1a) Lee Pearson / Gentleman (G1b) Lee Pearson / Gentleman (G1b)
  Silver Bronze
  Anne Dunham / Teddy (G1a) Jo Pitt / Estralita (G2)
  Gold Bronze
  Sophie Christiansen / Rivaldo of Berkeley (G1a) Anne Dunham / Teddy (G1a)
  Bronze Silver
  Emma Sheardown / Purdy's Dream (G1a) Sophie Christiansen / Rivaldo of Berkeley (G1a)
  Silver Gold
  Ricky Balshaw / Academy Award (G1a) Emma Sheardown / Purdy's Dream (G1a)
  Gold Gold
  Sophie Wells / Pinocchio (G4) Sophie Wells / Pinocchio (G4)
2007, Hartpury GBR Gold Gold Gold
Lee Pearson / Altino (G1b), Anne Dunham / BB Call Me Charlie (G1a), Simon Laurens / Ocean Diamond (G3), Michelle Crunkhorn / No Limit 5 (G4) Lee Pearson / Altino (G1b) Lee Pearson / Altino (G1b)
  Bronze Silver
  Sophie Christiansen / Gazel (G1a) Anne Dunham / BB Call Me Charlie (G1a)
  Bronze Gold
  Ricky Balshaw / Deacons Giorgi (G1b) Simon Laurens / Ocean Diamond (G3)
  Gold Bronze
  Nicola Tustain / Hotstuff (G2) Felicity Coulthard / Roffelaar (G2)
  Bronze Gold
  Deb Criddle / Figaro IX (G3) Sophie Christiansen / Gazel (G1a)
    Nicola Tustain / Hotstuff (G2)
    Deb Criddle / Figaro IX (G3)
2003, Moorsele BEL Gold Gold Gold
Deb Criddle / Figaro IX (G3), Anne Dunham / Daydream II (G1a), Lee Pearson / Donnerking (G1b), Nicola Tustain / Prinz Heinrick (G2) Deb Criddle / Figaro IX Deb Criddle / Figaro IX
  Gold Gold
  Anne Dunham / Daydream II (G1a) Anne Dunham / Daydream II (G1a)
  Gold Gold
  Nicola Tustain / Prinz Heinrick (G2) Nicola Tustain / Prinz Heinrick (G2)
  Bronze Gold
  Michelle Crunkhorn / Painted Affair (G4) Lee Pearson / Donnerking (G1b)
1999, DEN Gold Gold Gold
Lee Pearson (G1), Nicola Tustain (G3), Anne Dunham (G2), Vicky Hornby  Lee Pearson (G1) Lee Pearson (G1)
  Gold Gold
  Nicola Tustain (G3) Nicola Tustain (G3)
1994, GBR Gold Gold Gold
Anne Dunham (G2), Diane Tubbs (G1), Jo Jackson (G4), Liz Stone Diane Tubbs (G1) Jo Jackson (G4)
Total Seven (6x gold, 1x silver) 24 (14x gold, 5x silver, 5x bronze) 24 (15x gold, 6x silver, 3x bronze)