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The arenas

Herning contains 11 arenas with three main arenas - Stutteri Ask Stadium, BB Horse Arena and the Jyske Bank Boxen, two VIP restaurants, three public restaurants and eight sponsor lounges/sky boxes.

The dressage and jumping competitions will be held in Stutteri Ask Stadium, which day-to-day is know as the MCH Arena, a multi-use football stadium, home to FC Midtjylland. For the championships, the stadium will have a capacity of10,000 seated guests and a large VIP-lounge.

Para dressage will be showcased in the bespoke BB Horse Arena which has been purpose built for championships and will seat 3,000 spectators.

The vaulting will take place in the Jyske Bank Boxen, home many iconic Danish events. The first production to be hosted in the arena was none other than Lady Gaga!

Venue tour

Event sponsors

  • ECCO is the title sponsor of the championship
  • Longines is an event partner
  • Blue Hors is presenting sponsor for the dressage competitions
  • Agria is  presenting sporsor of the jumping competitons
  • Orifarm Healthcare is the presenting sponsor of the para dressage
  • Mustang Corp. is the presenting sponsor of the vaulting

Herning by numbers

  • 200 million viewing audience worldwide
  • 130 million DKK budget - €17,500,000
  • 200,000+ guests on venue
  • 36,000 m2 of sand/surface from B&B Horse put down to transform arenas
  • 1,000 horses
  • 550 athletes
  • 400 national and international accredited media
  • 36 flags in total are represented in the dressage with 22 nations fielding a team
  • 36 nations with 22 teams in the jumping
  • 29 nations feature in the para dressage entries
  • 25 Ejner Hessel A/S exclusive plug-in hybrid cars
  • 19 nations are entered in the vaulting - 15 have registered a squad
  • Nine days of competition
  • Four disciplines - dressage, jumping, para dressage and vaulting
  • Two years of planning and preparation

Key pledges from Herning: 



Map of the vEnue