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Horse Welfare Board - Thoroughbred Census 2023

British Racing’s Horse Welfare Board has launched the first ever thoroughbred census in Great Britain, in collaboration with research experts at Hartpury University. All owners of former racehorses are asked to complete a questionnaire by 31 December 2023. The census will help build an improved thoroughbred data bank about former racehorses and the lives they go on to lead.

The project’s primary objective is to help improve traceability of thoroughbreds after they have been retired from racing. With improved data, British Racing and its aftercare charity, Retraining of Racehorses (RoR), can better support owners with access to educational resources and routes to compete if desired, as well as continue to build informed and helpful communities. Improved data at this stage of a thoroughbred’s life can also help the Horse Welfare Board and RoR improve and adapt welfare initiatives and will, most importantly, enable fast and effective contact in the event of an equine disease outbreak.

The census will request information on each horse’s equine identification document (passport) number, microchip number, age, current residence, second career, and more to provide a robust view of the 2023 British retired racehorse population.

The 2023 Thoroughbred Census can be completed online HERE, as well as at key equine events throughout the rest of the year, before closing on 31 December 2023. Completion of the census is not compulsory, but owners are strongly encouraged to join the community and participate. Full results will be reported during the first quarter of 2024.