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The Board is responsible for managing the business of British Equestrian. In doing so it must observe the highest standards of impartiality, integrity and objectivity; be accountable and give value to members and stakeholders; and engage in partnership with the British Equestrian’s senior management team.

The Board comprises a mix of independent, elected and nominated directors, with an independent chair. The Chair is Malcolm Wharton.

Board members are appointed based on personal competencies. Four members, including the chair, come through an open recruitment process; four members are nominated by the founder members (British Dressage, British Eventing, the British Horse Society and British Showjumping); and four members are elected by the Council. 

Board meetings are attended by the Chief Executive and by members of the executive team as required.

More information about the Board’s terms of reference and responsibilities is in the following documents:

Terms of Reference of the Board

Terms of Reference for Board Chair

Terms of Reference for Board Directors

Declaration of Good Character

Terms of Reference Audit Committee

Terms of Reference Nominations Committee

Terms of Reference Remuneration Committee 

Membership of the Board 

Interim Chair Malcom Wharton
Independent Non-executive Director Mark Jeffreys
Independent Non-executive Director John Troiano
Independent Non-executive Director Alison Wallace
Founder Member Nominated Director Vacant                    
Founder Member Nominated Director Christine Blackford                 
Founder Member Nominated Director Vacant     
Founder Member Nominated Director Lise-Lotte Olsen                      
Council Elected Director Jess Cook
Council Elected Director Barry Johnson
Council Elected Director Quintin Cornforth
Council Elected Director Claire Williams



Audit Committee Nominations Committee Remuneration Committee
Lise-Lotte Olsen Malcom Wharton (Chair) Alison Wallace
Jess Cook Lise-Lotte Olsen Christine Blackford
TBC Mark Jeffreys Barry Johnson
TBC Claire Williams Malcom Wharton