Para dressage

Athletes classified into five grades (1–5) depending on their levels of mobility, strength and coordination. Grade 1 tests are ridden in walk, grade 2 and 3 include walk and trot, and grade 4 and 5 are comprised of walk, trot, canter and lateral work. 

To assist them during their tests, riders may use additional aids such as looped reins or callers, and can enlist 'friend' horses to stand just outside the arena to help the competing horse stay relaxed. The aim is to ensure that all riders within a grade are competing on as level a playing field as possible. i8g

At senior championship level, para dressage is contested at European, World and Paralympic level. 

The World Class Programme is designed to provide a targeted approach to British athletes demonstrating high potential in the equestrian Olympic and Paralympic sports, including para dressage, by offering the right support and environment to enable them to realise their medal winning potential. There are four levels to the World Class programme...

  • Podium
  • Podium Pathway
  • Podium Potential
  • Podium Potential Pathway


  • Natasha
    Baker MBE
  • Sophie
    Christiansen OBE
  • Sir Lee
  • Georgia
  • Sophie
    Wells MBE

Podium Potential

  • Charlotte
  • Nicola
  • Izzy

Podium Potential Pathway

  • Gabriella
  • Jemima
  • Fiona
  • Katie