Charlotte Cundall

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Charlotte Cundall
North Yorkshire
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I used to be a three-star event rider and point-to-point jockey, but I started para dressage after breaking my back not once, but twice (!) in two separate accidents in 2007 and 2010. I had four full years away from riding because I was no longer able to ride like I had previously done so. I tried to ‘reinvent’ myself as someone who had nothing to do with horses and did what everyone used to tell me to do when I was doing horses professionally...’get a proper a job’! So, I was office-bound for four years, and I am not embarrassed to say that I suffered with regards to mental health in that time. I wasn’t me – I'd entirely lost my identity and a large group of friends because my whole life was so different to what I had known. One day, having not really been near any horses for a very long time, I said to mum I wanted to ride again. I knew there were huge risks, and I knew I couldn't possibly do what I used to do, but I just wanted that freedom of being on a horse again. That was where my journey into para dressage began.

I slowly made my way through the levels, then restricted and open, (now bronze/silver/gold) and eventually was selected to compete at CPEDI3* level. I'm quite proud to have competed at three-star level in two different disciplines! In 2016, I was selected to be a part of the World Class Podium Potential squad for Para Dressage. Since then, I have competed in many CPEDI3* competitions, both at home and abroad, and have been fortunate enough to have been a part of a winning Nations Cup team. 

Outside of horses I still have a ‘proper job’ – well two actually. I do the accounts for a Motorsport team and I work for an events production company. I certainly have a very busy...and varied life! My phone calls can go from one thing to another very quickly!

In my spare time (no, wait a minute, I don’t have much of that), I like cooking and walking the dogs. We also have a rescue cat called Spud – but he doesn’t do a lot. I am also trying to squeeze in a few more hours into the day so I can complete my AAT Accounting qualifications. Alongside para classes, I also compete in able-bodied dressage up to Inter 1 level.