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Young Professionals Programme

The programme is designed to support the transition from the youth pathways into the equestrian workplace. Delivered in collaboration with British Dressage, British Eventing and British Showjumping, this Sport England-funded programme covers a broad range of topics essential to running a business.

The topics covered range from putting together contracts, employment law, insurance, and finances; to conflict management, communication skills and building a personal brand. A core element of the programme is to provide the cohort of young riders with the support they require to create their career development plan and gain insight into their approach and confidence in handling different situations that can occur in the workplace.

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Georgie Allen: / 07903 090425. 


The Young Professionals selected for the 2023/24 programme are:


  • Emilia Bishop
  • Isobel Lickley
  • Zofia Matyjasik


  • Kaitlyn Freeman
  • Millie Kold
  • Cerys Macauley
  • Tilly Milbank
  • Ria Scott
  • Annie Smith


  • Hugh Davies
  • Sophie Bowen Howard
  • Jessica Howard
  • Rhyleigh Kendle
  • Tatiane Mauree
  • Tilly Shaw
  • Jocasta Symons


what have programme graduates learned?

Testimonials from the 2022-2023 Young Professionals cohort:

"I would definitely recommend the programme to those aspiring to start a business in the equestrian industry. The program covers all the relevant topics within the industry and creates a good base of knowledge to either start or expand your business. For me it has also been nice meeting people that are on the same journey and to expand my network within the industry. It has set me up with good resources which I can use to further my own business."

"I’ve learned a lot from our sessions that have touched on people skills in different situations, how to recognise types and how to deal with them in the best way in conflicts, how to motivate and communicate etc. This has really helped me set up a professional mindset in running a business."

"The programme perfectly bridges the gap between both the logistics of running a business, such as book keeping and insurance, as well as self-development; both of which are paramount."