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Reining is a style of Western riding where the rider guides their horse through a precise pattern of circles, spins, and stops.

Reining is performed at two gaits...

  • The lope, a slow, three-beat, relaxed version of the gait more commonly known worldwide as the canter
  • The gallop, a four-beat gait that is the fastest of the horse's gaits

The sport has been likened to a Western form of dressage, with both disciplines requiring a competitor to ride a set pattern with finesse and correctness, demonstrating the unity of horse and rider.

Reining has been developed from the athletic movements of ranch horses, which were such valuable assets of early American settlers. The ability to move quickly, change direction and be willingly guided on a loose rein are the trademarks of the modern reining horse, from which the discipline takes its name.

British Reining is the governing body for the sport in the UK and they hold events across the country for all levels throughout the year.