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Page updated 27 February 2024

At British Equestrian, we're always working on a variety of exciting projects and often need partners, agencies and suppliers to collaborate with. On this page, we'll list our current invitation to tender documents to invite panters/suppliers to bid for the contract of works.

Social value of equestrianism

As part of our wider work to gather meaningful data and help to promote our industry, we’re launching an ambitious project to determine the social value of equestrian activity across the UK, exploring the myriad ways in which our industry contributes to the nation’s wellbeing.

As part of the initial project phase, we’re seeking an equally ambitious and suitably experienced individual or organisation to gather evidence, building the most definitive picture yet of the broad impact that equestrian activity has on the health of the UK.


To collate all evidence that currently exists on the benefits of participating in equestrian activities to enable us to have a broader understanding of the advantages of equestrian related activities across the sector.

Please see the documents provided below for more information on the project and proposal submission requirements. For any further questions, please contact Research and Insight Manager Abigail Bevan: by Thursday 14 March.

Social value: Call for evidence brief

Proposals should also be submitted to Abigail Bevan by Friday 22 March 2024.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any flexibility on the submission deadline?

For the fairness of all potential suppliers, we will not be moving the submission deadline.

Is there any flexibility around the timelines for this project?

The timelines of this project have been set as the whole Social Value project (part one and two) is an important strategic research piece for our federation. The insights will be vital to inform future project development and therefore we wish to complete stage one in a timely manner so that we do not delay stage two. Suppliers may wish to include two timings in their proposals; one that meets our outlined timings and another for a slightly longer duration of the project with justifications on why this would be necessary.

Would it be possible to submit a partnership response for this project?

Yes, we are accepting proposals from partnerships.

Will there be a need or an opportunity to gather new evidence or data?

Our research objectives for this project have been created to gather the existing evidence. The main reason for this is to inform stage two, the calculation of our sectors social value with methods consistent with HM Treasury 2022 Green Book. If a supplier sees it necessary to gather new evidence and deems this possible within our budget and timeline, then this should be included in their proposal with an explanation to how this would help meet our strategic and research objectives of defining the social value of our sector.

What is the extent of the assistance we could expect from BEF and associated partners during the project?

We have gathered a collection of evidence that the BEF are already aware of, which will be shared with the chosen supplier once selected. We also have an audience through our social media channels and encourage our member bodies to share and promote messages across their networks too which equates to c.1/4 million memberships across our federation. However, any communications through these channels will have to be scheduled in advance to fit within our communications teams' resources and should be incorporated into the proposed project plan and timeline. 

Are you seeking to include specific stakeholder perspectives or just the equestrian population generally?

General equestrian population.

Does the equestrian population you are seeking to engage include:
  • Riding, non-riding or both
  • Inclusive of equestrian adjacent (e.g. vets, mums of children with ponies)?

Under the research objectives section on the brief, we provide some examples of the audiences that we expect to find social value evidence, this includes participants in on- and off-the horse activities, volunteers, and workforce. The list is not exhaustive as we are aware there could be evidence from other groups that we are not currently aware of, and we are keen to find these stories through this research.

Does the frequency of horse interaction matter?

Although we anticipate that the more frequent interactions with horses would relate to a greater social value, we do believe that any interaction is important. For example, we have some social value evidence of those experiencing horses for the first time in our recent TogetherFund Impact report. We are keen for suppliers to explain what evidence they are looking for to help us create the most accurate picture of the equestrian sectors impact and social value.

Are there any equestrian activities that are out of scope for this work?

The only activities that we do not look to include in our research would be Polo and Horse Racing as both have their own governing bodies that do not sit within our federation.

Would you want any comparative analysis undertaken as part of the understanding of undertaking equestrian activities in comparison to other sports or activities?

This is not required.

Do you have a measurement tool in mind, or have you previously used one that you would like us to also use for benchmarking purposes? e.g. Ryff's Psychological Well-Being Scale

We have not given a specific measurement for stage one to allow potential suppliers to propose their recommended approach. However, for the stage two we have requested the calculation to be done using methods consistent with HM Treasury 2022 Green Book.

Are there specific policy recommendations or initiatives that you hope to develop based on the research outcomes?

We do not have any specific policy recommendations or initiatives in mind, but we do hope insights generated from this project can form the basis of future communications to raise the profile of equestrian activity, including conversations with funders, government and existing or potential sponsors.

Will there be a requirement to have in-person meetings and presentations, and if so, would these be taking place in Stoneleigh [at BEF’s office]?

It is not essential; however, we may request some in-person meetings, especially for the interim and final presentations. This will most likely be held in Warwickshire, however we do have some meeting space in London if required.

Who is the intended primary audience for the report? 

We wish to share the findings of this project with a variety of audiences, from sharing with our member bodies to producing case studies that can be shared across our website and social media pages. Once stage two is complete we wish to share the social value calculations with a range of stakeholders including funders, government and existing or potential sponsors. 

Is there data available on which pieces of land are currently in use as equestrian properties and have footpaths? 

We have our own dataset on riding school locations as well as some data on competition venues and livery yards. The BHS have also been working on project 2026 to map bridleways in the UK and have a number of resources including their mapping tool.

Are you happy to consider a proposal from a freelancer who is not associated with a university? 

Yes, anyone with relevant experience is welcome to apply. 

Have you come across the social value UK or WELLBY SROI methods and do you have any concerns about either of them? 

We have suggested methods consistent with HM Treasury 2022 Green Book, for stage two. However, if you believe there is a more effective method to achieve our research objectives, then we are open to hearing about these and the reasons. 

Do you have access to participation figures by demographics and programmes that would help us to ensure qualitative and quantitative inputs are proportionate? 

We have some quantitative data from Sport England’s, Active Lives tool and we also have some from our federation membership data.