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Advice notes for equine gatherings

This document has been created so that anybody involved in organising any type of equestrian gathering can put effective and practical measures, guidance and education in place to help prevent the spread of equine infectious diseases. The guidance is based on ten pillars of equine infectious disease management that organisers should follow:

  • Responsibility
  • Raising standards and education
  • Risk communication and responsiveness
  • Vaccination
  • Vigilance and risk reduction
  • Biosecurity practice: participants
  • Biosecurity practice: stabling
  • Early disease recognition
  • Transparent information sharing
  • Supporting national infectious disease management

Based on compliance and measures in place, gatherings can then operate at gold, silver or bronze standard to illustrate the level of biosecurity in place to those looking to enter or take part. Vaccination, self-certification, surveillance and enhanced biosecurity are key elements for organisers, and participants, to consider for gatherings – the more stringent the requirements, the less risk of transmission at that event.

The advice notes also contain general background information on a number of endemic and exotic diseases present in Great Britain to help educate horse owners on signs and management.


Equine Infectious Disease Advisory Group Handbook