Dressage is a test of horse and rider's ability to perform a range of movements in harmony in walk, trot and canter. Combinations perform a set test, with judges marking each of the movements out of 10. The scores are then added up and then combined with additional marks for the riders’ seat and aids, before being converted into an overall percentage score. It is contested across a range of levels, startling at Prelim – which simply involves walk and trot – and continuing all the way up to Grand Prix, where combinations must perform complex movements including piaffe and passage. 

At senior championship level, dressage is contested at European, World and Olympic level. 

The World Class Programme is designed to provide a targeted approach to British athletes demonstrating high potential in the equestrian Olympic and Paralympic sports, including dressage, by offering the right support and environment to enable them to realise their medal winning potential. There are four levels to the World Class programme...

  • Podium
  • Podium Pathway
  • Podium Potential
  • Podium Potential Pathway


  • Charlotte
    Dujardin CBE
  • Carl
    Hester MBE
  • Emile
  • Gareth
  • Laura
    Tomlinson MBE
  • Spencer

Podium Pathway

  • Lara
  • Charlotte

Podium Potential

  • Sonnar