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Introduction to coaching

Coaching is a vital part of the equestrian industry, and British Equestrian and our Member Bodies have initiatives that are designed to help coaches to progress and develop.  

The term 'coaching' refers to teaching, instructing, training and all methods of helping a rider or horse/rider partnership to improve. We believe that the promotion of quality coaching is the privilege and responsibility of all organisations involved in our sport and industry. 

Coach Development Action Team  

The majority of our work in coaching is delivered through the Coach Development Action Team (CDAT), the national source group for equestrian coaching with designated coaching leads from our Member Bodies. We also work closely with UK Coaching to offer support to our coaches.  

Coaching Strategy

CDAT members have collaborated on developing a federation-wide coaching strategy, entitled ‘Equestrian Coaching: Culture, Clarity, Profile and Value’. Collectively, CDAT members will be working to deliver the actions contained within the strategy, which will run from 2020–2025. 

British Equestrian COACHING STRATEGY 2020–2025

Coaching survey

In the spring of 2019, in collaboration with CDAT, British Equestrian conducted a survey of our coaching workforce. This survey informed and underpinned the development of the strategy, and we we'll continue to conduct a coaching survey on an annual basis.  

The report from the 2019 survey includes...

  • Who are coaches?
  • What qualifications do coaches hold?
  • Where are coaches working?
  • Who are coaches coaching?
  • What are coaches coaching?
  • What coaches are hoping for in the future, be it qualifications they'd like to take or continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities