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Professional development

When we talk about continuing professional development (CPD) for coaches, we mean any learning that improves a coaches’ practice outside of coaching qualifications or training for compliance e.g. safeguarding training or first aid training.

We will be working to categorise CPD for equestrian coaches into four different types of learning outcomes to encourage coaches to invest in all four to ensure a balanced learning programme...

  • interpersonal skills – supporting coaches in their interaction with others and includes engagement, communication, method and practice of coaching, leadership and so on
  • intrapersonal skills – growing self-awareness as a coach and includes emotional intelligence, self-reflection and personal development planning 
  • supporting the rider – developing the knowledge and skills to support the development of the rider and includes biomechanics, physical development, mental development, and technical and tactical development
  • supporting the horse – developing knowledge and skills to support the development of the horse and includes fitness and training, behaviour and handling, tack and equipment, and care and management

With this in mind, British Equestrian and our Member Bodies have developed a number of different programmes to help coaches in our industry to develop the learning outcomes listed above and to offer a better experience to those horses and riders they work with. 

Youth Pathway Coaching Programme

This programme has been developed in collaboration with the equestrian Olympic and Paralympic sports and is funded by Sport England. The aim of the programme is to give coaches within the Youth Pathway more insight into the holistic development needed to nurture the potential of the developing youth athlete from an early age, which is broader than just technical skills. Coaches on the programme are given insight into the key stages of a child’s cognitive and physical development and how these stages are best managed to promote their well-being alongside their development as an athlete.

Topics covered include...

  • how to support and develop the young athlete's personal identity and confidence
  • understanding the impact of environments
  • appropriate coaching strategies for the key cognitive and physical development stages
  • professional development for coaches

The complete list of coaches inducted into the 2020/2021 BEF Youth Pathway Coaching Programme is:

Eventing Showjumping Dressage
Sue Chadwick Claire Edwards Hannah Moody
Emilie Chandler Eve Staveley Harry Payne
Jane Graham  Erica Oldham  Nina Boex
  Hannah Jackson Leanne Wall
  Sarah Tubbs Jo Lees
  Claire Reed  
  Jayne Smart  
  Joanne Burns Firth  


All programme queries from potential applicants should be directed to Georgie Wheeler:    Tel: 02476 698904.

National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence

This programme is aimed at coaches working with adult and young people who participate in equestrian sport for recreational and personal development motives. Coaches wanting to join this programme should be ambitious in improving their own performance, already have success in getting more people participating in equestrian sport and retain them in the sport by creating enjoyable coaching environments. This is a cross-discipline programme involving

  • British Showjumping
  • British Dressage, British Eventing
  • The Pony Club
  • British Horse Society
  • Riding for the Disabled Association 
  • Endurance GB

Who should apply?

Any coach who wants to improve their own performance and is particularly interested in supporting recreational competitors. Coaches should already hold a Level 3 Equestrian Coaching Certificate, BHS Stage 4 Coach in Complete Horsemanship (or equivalent)

Further details

For further information about this programme, including application details, costs and dates, please click here.

Disability Inclusive Coaching Workshop

This 6-hour workshop has been developed by British Equestrian, Riding for the Disabled Association, British Showjumping, British Dressage, the Pony Club and the British Horse Society, with the aim to give coaches the confidence and competence to support disabled participants. The workshop provides coaches with tools and ideas to allow participants to have the best possible experience when they attend a session.

The workshop's content combines bespoke equestrian content combined with content from the UK Coaching Inclusive Activity Programme workshop. By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to...

  • explore best practice for inclusive coaching 
  • create a safe, positive learning environment through exploring a range of coaching styles 
  • explore opportunities to effectively engage individuals through appropriate language and terminology
  • learn about practical tools to support inclusive delivery.
  • learn about the ten Talk to Me principles developed by Activity Alliance, and how these can be used to drive participation and inclusion of disabled people in equestrian
  • explore creative ideas to support disabled people to access riding opportunities
  • learn about local groups, activities and further training opportunities 

Depending on the Member Body delivering the workshop, learners will also cover one of the below outcomes...

  • Identify the different ways of mounting and dismounting for disabled riders
  • Identify best practice when coaching para riders 

CPD calendar

British Equestrian and our Member Bodies will often run events aimed at continuing the professional development of our coaching workforce. Details of these events are listed in the calendar below. 
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