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Meet the coaches

An equestrian coach is someone who...

  • develops a participant’s skills, knowledge and confidence in order to improve their experience in any equestrian activity by providing specialised support and guidance
  • meets individual needs, goals and aspirations
  • puts the welfare of the horse at the centre of what they do. 

Our coaches work in different environments with different participants, while adapting their behaviour and coaching style to suit the setting and the participant.

In the course of supporting our coaching workforce, British Equestrian and its Member Bodies have identified six different participant groups within the riders, carriage-drivers and vaulters who receive coaching, based on where they are in their equestrian journey:

  • Riders up to the age of 12 of all abilities
  • Teenagers of all abilities
  • Adult participation riders
  • Adult competitive riders
  • Performance development riders
  • High-performance riders

You can find out more about these participant groups by reading our Coaching Strategy.

British Equestrian's COACHING STRATEGY

To highlight the wide range of coaching taking place within the equestrian industry, we've asked some of our coaches to tell us a little bit about themselves and why they love what they do. Many work across multiple participant groups, but have a particular participant group that they specilise in or enjoy working with the most. 

Click on a section to learn more about some of the coaches working with these participants...

Coaches working with children 

  • Imran Atcha
  • Lynne Blore
  • Alison Short
  • Lisa Stevenson

Coaches working with teenagers

  • Jill Martin
  • Amelia Morris-Payne
  • Claire Nixon-Ord
  • Jane Randall

Coaches working with adult participants

  • Pauline Brimson
  • Caroline Evans
  • Victoria Hodge
  • Cindy Russell

Coaches working with competitive adults

  • Ali Dane
  • Alison Kenward
  • Phil Kinsella
  • Anthony Lane
  • Kim Tinkler

Coaches working with performance development riders

  • Stef Eardley
  • Janet Horswill

Coaches working with high-performance riders

  • Fred Bergendorff
  • Richard Waygood MBE
  • Sophie Wells MBE