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Female Health February

This month, we're shining a light on female health topics with our Female Health February campaign. Equestrian sport is widely known – and appreciated – for offering male and female athletes an equal playing field on which to compete. However, being a female equestrian does come with some unique challenges, regardless of the level you participate in – whether that’s planning your riding around your periods, finding the right sports bra to make sitting trot bearable, or the impact of pregnancy on your time in the saddle.

Thoughout this month, you can expect podcast episodes, infographics and advice on a range of female health topics that can effect equestrians, both in the saddle and in their daily lives. 


Week Topic
Week one Hormones and the menstrual cycle
Week two Breast health and bra fit
Week three Pregnancy and pelvic floor
Week four Nutrition and body image



Podcast episode – Why female health?

Next up in our series of episodes for Female Health February, we're talking about the menopause and perimenopause. Following up on the outcry for more information on our social media channels, Rachel brings together Ash Wallace from British Equestrian's World Class Programme and coach Mia Palles-Clark for a deep dive into what this period of life means, plus some of the game-changing lifestyle strategies you can adopt to support your body and maintain your enjoyment of equestrian sport. 


The Menstrual Cycle and menopause

Downloadable graphics




Podcast episode – menopause and perimenopause

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Menstruation cycle tracker apps

Menopause App

podcast episode – The Early Years

Listen to a discussion on the turbulent changes that take place in the early years of a young girl’s life. Rachel is joined by three experts from the World Class Programme – sports psychologist Dr Jo Butt, strength and conditioning coach Neil Lewis and eventing coach Christie Wright – to find out more about how the mental and physical transition from child to teenager can lay the foundations for future enjoyment and success in equestrian sport.

Guidance on coaching young persons

Breast Health

Podcast episode – Breast Health

Our big topic for our next Female Health February episode is breast health and what you can do to ensure you’re giving your breasts the best support possible. Rachel is joined by Dr Anna-Louise Mackinnon from the World Class Programme to talk about how you can check your breasts for signs of ill-health and the lifestyle choices you can make to reduce your risk of a problem. Spoiler alert... riding and being around horses is one of them! 

Guide to checking your breasts

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USEFUL RESOURCES for breast health

Useful resources for bra fitting

Nutrition and Body image

Podcast Episode – Nutrition and body image

One of our final topics for Female Health February is nutrition and body image. Rachel is joined by Dr George Wilson, Leonie Lightfoot and Dr Anna-Louise Mackinnon from the World Class Programme to find out more about what makes a healthy diet and the best snacks to fuel your day at the yard. Plus, conversation turns to the thorny issue of eating disorders and how we perceive our bodies. 


Useful resources for eating disorders