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Funding opportunities for centres

There are a number of funding opportunities available for riding centres and clubs. Before you consider applying for any funding, though, we recommend you use one or more resources to support you. Club Matters from Sport England and Club Solutions from Sport Wales are great resources that will help you to run your organisation, including applying for funding.  

Here we have outlined a few of the possibilities of grant funding that are on offer, but this isn't an exhaustive list. In England, the local Active Partnership in your county will be able to signpost you to other opportunities in your area.

For more assistance regarding funding, email 

Grant Funding for facilities

Please note that most of these funding opportunities are open to certain types of organisations such as charities, community interest companies (CIC), community interest organisations (CIO) or community amateur sports clubs (CASC). Funding from the Sports Councils (Sport England, Sport Wales and Sport Scotland) may also fund companies limited by guarantee with a not-for-profit statement, but you would need to check with any potential funders before applying.

We're not currently aware of any grant funding being available for limited liability partnerships or sole traders.  

We recommend you take independent business advice in relation to company structure if you're considering making any changes as there are likely to be other impacts to your business.

Community Asset Fund

The Community Asset Fund (CAF) is a funding initiative from Sport England that aims to retain and develop space for sporting activity in local communities in England. Its aims are to provide the opportunity to retain and engage sport participants, as well as provide a way for communities to access physical activity that will change lives for a greater social purpose. Additionally, it's there to help organisations meet the needs of the local community and support their work to retain customers and keep them involved in sport.

The applications are divided between small-scale investments (£1,000–£15,000) that address emergency works and unexpected occurrences, and medium-scale investments (£15,000–£50,000) for facility upgrades and new community spaces. Larger investments will be considered under exceptional circumstances, but only where organisations can demonstrate considerable impact and/or that they are targeting under-represented groups, and will be focused on statutory organisations (such as local authorities) and educational institutions.

To find out more information and to see whether your business proposal would be eligible, visit the Sport England website

Get in touch with Sport England for detailed support either by email or give them a call on 03458 508 508.  

Sport England – Small Grants

The Sport England Small Grants Programme uses Lottery funding to make awards of between £300 and £10,000 to not-to-profit organisations aiming to help young people and adults take up, and keep, a sporting habit for life. The Small Grants Programme welcomes applications for projects with children aged five to 13 – awards in this age group are principally for projects supporting active play.

This type of funding is open for not-for-profit organisations in England only, including sports clubs and voluntary organisations.  

To apply for this funding, you will need to show a written constitution or governing document, which should include a not-for-profit statement and, if relevant, charitable dissolution clause. If you have membership it should be open to all sections of the community, and your governing committee should include at least three non-related and non-cohabiting members. Your application should also show us that your organisation is appropriately governed. If your organisation is a branch of a larger organisation, you should confirm that you are sufficiently independent of them. If you do not have your own committee, bank account and constitution, you will need the support of your parent organisation, which must accept overall responsibility for the award.

Applications for this type of funding are open throughout the year. For more information on Sport England's Small Grants, click here.

For funding opportunities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, click on the links below: 

Sport Scotland
Sport Wales
Sport Northern Ireland

Funding for delivery of sport 

Below we have outlined some of the other funding opportunities that are available for sporting projects.  This may include facilities/equipment (capital), but also include other costs (revenue).  This is by no means exhaustive and appropriate funding often depends on the nature of the project you'd like funded.  

The National Lottery Community Fund

This fund offers a range of different opportunities, aimed primarily at not-for-profit organisations. The most accessible grants are...

  • Partnerships – Funding available for over £10,000
  • Awards For All – Funding available for up to £10,000
  • Reaching Communities  – Funding available for projects over £10,000

For more information, click here.

Comic Relief  

Through Sport Relief, Comic Relief offers a range of different funding opportunities aimed primarily at not-for-profit organisations.

For more information, click here.

Children in Need

Children in Need offers a range of different funding opportunities aimed primarily at not-for-profit organisations. The most accessible grants are...

  • Small grants – Funding available for up to £10,000
  • Main grants – no upper limit but usually £20,000-£120,000

For more information, click here.


BIFFA offers a range of different funding opportunities, aimed primarily at not-for-profit organisations that are based within a 15 radius of landfill. The most accessible grants are...

  • Small grants – Funding available for up to £10,000
  • Main grant scheme – funding available for up to £75,000
  • Veolia – Veolia offers a single grant aimed at not-for-profit organisation of up to £100,000, but usually granting between £20,000 and £40,000

For more information, click here.

Grant funding for coaches

UK Coaching provides advice and information about funding for coaches, as well as a comprehensive list of funding opportunities.  

The British Horse Society Scholarship aims to increase the number of qualified BHS Coaches across the UK, from those individuals currently working at BHS Approved Centres. Each year, BHS will support the costs of training, assessments and the first year on the Accredited Professional Coach (APC) scheme for those aspiring to achieve the BHS Stage 3 Coach, Stage 4 Senior Coach and Stage 5 Performance Coach.    

The Association of British Riding Schools Jeffress Scholarship Trust considers awarding scholarships to dedicated coaches, able-bodied or disabled, who are working in the equine industry, either full or part time/self-employed. The bursary is for training to improve existing coaching ability. The Trust runs two training cycles per year (normally March to September and September to March).

Other sources of funding 

It's possible to galvanise the support of your local community and supporters to raise funds for specific projects through crowdfunding. The idea is to use the internet and social media to get relatively small amounts of money from a large number of people, which will add up to the larger amount of money that you need, usually in return for incentives and rewards. There are a number of organisations who offer this service. We have worked with equestrian businesses that have used Sponsorise Me, which is a specific sports crowdfunding organisation, but other organisations do exist. You'll need to select an organisation that meets your needs, so carefully read about what they offer in relation to the percentage of the money raised that they take.