Nicola Naylor

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Nicola Naylor
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Nicola grew up with horses and began riding when she was very young – her mum was a BHSAI and her dad was a polo player. She started at her local riding centre and had ponies throughout her childhood. Her passion was jumping but, with her visual impairment, this became increasingly difficult when she moved onto horses and had to work to see a stride into fences. At the age of 18, she gave up any hope of an equestrian future and went away to university. 

Her remaining sight gradually faded through university, and Nicola spent her twenties and thirties building a non-equestrian career. It was only when her daughter started having riding lessons that the desire to get back in the saddle was reignited. She became classified as a para dressage rider and developed a system that allowed her to compete successfully navigate the arena without the benefit of sight. In 2022, she was selected for the reserve list for the FEI World Championship. 

Nicola also competes in able-bodied Small Tour dressage.