British Equestrian launches mental wellbeing programme for its community

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

This Saturday – World Mental Health Day – British Equestrian launched our innovative mental wellbeing programme, Perform Well.

Perform Well encourages individuals within British Equestrian’s community – including athletes, grooms and support teams, World Class Programme practitioners, office staff and management – to be proactive in managing their mental wellbeing, and will provide them with optional weekly activities built around six key areas.

The topics that the programme will focus on, considered to be building blocks to mental wellbeing, are:

  • Recover Well – focusing on stress and recovery
  • Eat Well – focusing on nutrition and hydration
  • Live Well – focusing on meaning and purpose
  • Move Well – focusing on physical activity
  • Think Well – focusing on mindset
  • Connect Well – focusing on connections and relationships

The programme is the brainchild of Performance Lifestyle Advisor Jane Holden and Performance Psychologist Leonie Lightfoot, both part of the World Class Programme’s team of practitioners.

“We all have a mental health which, like our physical health, can change throughout our lives. This year has brought some unique challenges and stressors that have impacted on the wellbeing of the population,” said Leoni. “The aim of our programme is to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, and to feel supported with activities and resources designed to help them flourish.”

Some of the resources, which will be created and compiled by industry experts, will also be made available to the wider equestrian community through British Equestrian’s website and social media channels.

“Mental wellbeing is important at all levels of equestrian sport, from those taking their first steps into the horse world all the way to the athletes standing on a senior championship podium. We see the launch of this programme as an important step in supporting our community as a whole,” commented Jane.

The programme will begin with Recover Well, focusing on the importance of sleep, and we’ll be releasing content on Wednesday.