British Equestrian seeks research partner on environmental sustainability within equestrian sport

Monday, 22 August 2022

British Equestrian, on behalf of its member bodies, is seeking a suitably experienced organisation to undertake research services to help understand its environmental sustainability baseline. It is anticipated that the contract will commence in October 2022 and be completed by January 2023.

Across sport, there is a growing awareness of the collective responsibility to the environment. British Equestrian is acutely aware of both its environmental and social responsibilities and understands changes may be needed to ensure the equestrian way of life is as environmentally conscious as possible.

Project aim: The project is designed to address the negative environmental impact of the equestrian industry, and to inform and educate those involved about our responsibility to the planet. The project would be broken into three phases, the proposals are required to outline the costs of each phase for consideration.

Phase 1

  • To provide an understanding of the environmental impact of equestrianism across the UK
  • To understand compliance to meet emerging minimum requirements
  • To develop a roadmap of actions with the aim of meeting the minimum requirements and supporting our Member Bodies to achieve the same.

Phase 2

  • To understand the risks, challenges and opportunities
  • To develop a roadmap of actions to deliver long-term change beyond the minimum requirements.

Phase 3

  • To propose clear steps the BEF would need to take and provide support to the BEF and our Member Bodies in developing plans to achieve effective change the long-term (moving to net zero).

Tender requirements: The written tender proposal should include the following:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Approach to delivery of key requirements to answer the research methodology
  4. How they would reach the research audience described in ITT we
  5. High quality deliverables that maximise the benefits of this project, and answer the strategic and research objectives
  6. Detailed breakdown and explanation of costs
  7. Company credentials and case studies
  8. Risk register

Please see the document provided below which contains more information on the project and proposal submission requirements. For any further questions, please contact the initial project lead, Richard Dando: The deadline for the proposal submission is Friday 16 September 2022.

Questions to help prepare your tender document can be submitted via this link:

You should also submit your requirements in your proposal outlined in the Tender Requirements section via the link.

Download environmental sustainability ITT.pdf