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British Equestrian Federation Fund

Every four years, the nation is captivated by the magic of a Games year when our athletes fly the flag on the global stage and bid for Olympic and Paralympic glory. British equestrian sports have proud association with the Games with an impressive medal tally to match. However, sustained performance takes planning, vision, dedication…and financial backing.

The British Equestrian Federation Fund (BEFF) was launched to provide financial support for our teams with a particular focus on the Olympic and Paralympic teams and was a major contributor to fund teams to travel to the Games. In 1997, National Lottery funding was introduced by UK Sport and the World Class Programme was launched. The Programme is the centralised support system that helps all our funded disciplines compete on the world stage, encompassing the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines of dressage, eventing, showjumping and para-equestrian dressage.

The generous funding from The National Lottery and UK Sport has been instrumental in the success of the Programme and our teams ever since but the BEFF continues to play a vital role in a Games year, enhancing the chances of medal success. It’s often the additional extra touches that make the difference between a medal or finishing off the podium. We want our teams to be the best prepared, supported and equipped possible – the support of BEFF helps us to achieve that.

This is your chance to help our horses and riders at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games – your support and donations, no matter what size, will make a difference. Be a part of their success today!

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