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FEI Recognition Cards

The FEI Recognition Card (RC) is a cover that wraps around your equine’s national passport. An FEI RC is mandatory for equines competing at most international FEI-sanctioned events. Further information can be found on the FEI website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an FEI RC last for?

An RC must be renewed every four years if you intend to compete in FEI competitions. There may be some lower level FEI competitions where an RC isn’t required, but you will need to check with the organiser of the event. You don’t need to renew an RC once it has expired if you’re no longer planning to compete at FEI competitions. 

Do I need an RC to compete at a CIM event?

FEI RCs are not compulsory for horses competing in their country of residence for CIM events. You can compete using just your national passport. From 1 January 2017, all equines must be identifiable with a national passport approved by the FEI. If an equine is competing at a CIM in the country in which the equine resides, the equine must be registered with the FEI and be identifiable. Please note if a FEI RC is presented to the FEI Veterinarian Official at a CIM event and an irregularity is detected, he/she must impose a sanction according to the regulations. Please remember to just present your national passport in this instance.


A CIM is a Minor International Event. A list of CIMs by Discipline can be found below. For example you would not require a FEI RC if you were competing in a horse's country of residence for a Jumping CSI1* but if you were travelling abroad you would need one.



How do I register my equine with the FEI?

Your equine must be registered on the FEI database and a copy of their national passport uploaded to the FEI database. Please contact the discipline you compete with – they’ll be able to do this as part of the passport application process or if you’re competing at lower level CIMs. 

What do I need to check before applying for an RC?

  • You have a compliant national passport approved by the FEI. The passport must be a valid, compliant passport and must be one that the FEI will cover. A list of approved national passports that the FEI will cover can be found here.
  • You have a diagram page that is stamped, dated and signed by a vet
  • Your equine influenza (flu) vaccinations are complete and in accordance with the FEI Rules 

Can I get an RC if there are any irregularities with the national passport?

Unfortunately, a FEI RC can’t be issued if there are any irregularities with the diagram page or vaccinations.  Contact British Equestrian on 02475 313 433 if you require further clarification.

How do I get an FEI RC?

Please contact your discipline to apply for a FEI RC.

British Eventing: 02476 698856   
British Showjumping: 02476 698800 
British Dressage/ Para Dressage: 02476 698830 
Endurance GB: 02475 313353
British Carriage Driving: 07494 876 814 
British Vaulting

What do I need to do to revalidate my FEI RC?

Please contact your discipline to arrange for the passport to be revalidated. You’ll need to send them your RC and national passport.

What do I do if I need to change the ownership registered on the FEI RC?

Please contact your discipline to arrange for the passport to be revalidated. You’ll need to send them your RC and national equine passport. You must not send BEF your RC without checking first on 02475 313 433.

I’ve lost my equine’s FEI document. How do I obtain a replacement? 

Contact your Discipline to request a duplicate RC. If the national equine passport has been lost, too, you must obtain a duplicate one first. 

What happens to my vaccination history on a duplicate document?

Where vaccination details are to be recorded into a duplicate FEI RC, the following statement can be used: "The vaccination history of this equine is correct to date. Last vaccination on 00/00/00 (date).” The statement must be signed, stamped and dated by a licensed vet.

I have a Full FEI passport – is this compliant?

Provided the FEI passport was issued prior to 10 June 2004, the passport is considered compliant and doesn’t need to be revalidated without any gaps to remain valid. If it was issued after this date, you’ll need to obtain a compliant national passport from another Defra-approved Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) in the UK or EU, and have the full FEI passport converted into an RC. There’s no cost for conversion, with the exception of posting it back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day before 1pm service. If you’re unsure and require further information, please contact British Equestrian on 02475 313 433.

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