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Guidance for Northern Ireland

Updated 5 January 2021

Northern Ireland was placed under lockdown restrictions on 26 December for a six-week period, with a review on or around 23 January. On this page, we've tried to compile some of the key stakeholder questions to help you understand what the current situation means for you and your horse. 

Can I travel to care for my horse?

You may travel to meet the care and exercise requirements of your horse, but journeys should be kept to a minimum where possible.

What activities can I do with my horse?

Horses may be ridden for exercise purposes. However, outdoor and indoor facilities and training venues will close during the lockdown period.

How many people can I meet with?

In a outdoor setting, including a private garden, up to six people from no more than two households may meet outdoors (children aged 12 and under do not count towards the total) and social distancing should be maintained. There should be no mixing of households indoors. 

Can equine practitioners visit my horse?

Farriers, vets, dentists, physiotherapists and other equine practitioners can continue to operate, provided that they have COVID protocols and risk assessments in place to maintain safe working conditions.

I’m a coach – am I still able to work?

One-to-one or group coaching in person is currently not permitted in lockdown. Online coaching is permitted, but please consult with your insurance provider before any activity.


Sport NI, the governing body for sport in Northern Ireland, has produced sector-specific COVID-19 guidance, which is available here. General government advice can be found here.