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Return to team sports

REturn to Equestrian team sports action plan

The Return to Equestrian Team Sports Action Plan details a standard approach to event management for equestrian team sports, including team training and competitions. The steps outlined will be implemented by event organisers alongside existing government social distancing guidelines. 

Return to equestrian team sports action plan

Sport-specific risk assessments

Each discipline has prepared a risk assessment and identified areas to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 via droplet transmission and fomite transmission, and to reduce the number of people involved in the vicinity of the field of play to inform modifications to the activity and /or rules of the game as required. For clarity, The Pony Club – who deliver activity covering all of these disciplines – have been involved in the preparation of this action plan and their policy is to always follow the member body guidance for each discipline. 


Mounted Games risk assessment

polocrosse risk assessment