Amy Inglis

Rider Profile

Amy Inglis
West Sussex

Amy has always had a love for horses – both of her parents were showjumpers, so she's been around them for as long as she can remember. Horses are her whole life now and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Amy has been very lucky to have some fantastic horses throughout her career so far, which lent itself to a very successful Pony, Junior and Young Rider career. The way Amy sees it, showjumping is a tough sport that takes a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely worth it for those winning days when the hard work pays off.

When Amy gets some free time at home (which isn't very often!), she likes to spend time with her friends. When she's on the road competing, reading a book or watching a movie is a great way to relax at the end of a long day – but usually there’s not much time for relaxing at competitions!


My best horse is Wishes, she is a 11 year old mare. She is a fiery chestnut, and a real fighter in the ring. She is very special to us as she is a homebred.

Jule Van Den Tinnenpot is a 10 year old mare, also chestnut! She is a a strong mare, she’s always excited to go in the ring, she always tries her best.

Every Way is a 15 year old bay mare. She is a small horse, but she doesn’t think she is! She has a huge stride and has won many classes for me. I won my first world ranking class with her. I’m also lucky to have some very promising young horses which I’m very excited about! 

Sporting Achievements

7 youth European medals: 1 team gold in Children in Horses.  
  2 team gold, 1 team silver in Ponies.  
  2 team gold, 1 individual bronze in Young Riders.  
2015 National Under 18 and Under 21 champion  
2019 5th place in the 4* Grand Prix of Saint Tropez, and I've been selected for my first 5* Nations Cup in La Baule.