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Team behind the teams

Olympic Games staff and practioners

Team Leader: Helen Nicholls
Performance Managers: Caroline Griffith – Dressage
Richard Waygood – Eventing
Di Lampard – Jumping
Operations & Logistics: Sophie Thomas
Alex Vany Tuyll
Helen Shaw
Performance: Amanda Evans
Human Sport Science: Ash Wallace – Health Lead and Dressage and Eventing Physiotherapist
Anna-Louise Mackinnon – Doctor
Jenny Owst – Jumping Physiotherapist
Equine Sport Science: Andre Buthe – Dressage Vet
Liz Brown – Eventing Vet
Tim Randle – Jumping Vet
Rachel Greetham – Dressage and Jumping Physiotherapist
Victoria Spalding – Eventing Physiotherapist
Andrew Bowyer – Dressage and Jumping Farrier
Greig Elliot – Eventing Farrier
Owners Liaison: Sarah Verney - Eventing
Tina Goosen – Dressage and Jumping
Media Officer: Winnie Murphy


Paralympic Games staff and practioners

Names to follow.