Further update from GAIN Equine Nutrition

Thursday, 08 October 2020

Further to the recent updates posted from Gain Equine Nutrition around a possible contamination of their feedstuffs with Zilpaterol, a banned substance on the FEI equine prohibited substance list and therefore also banned under BEFAR, British Equestrian would like to offer the following update:

  • Follow the advice from GAIN Equine Nutrition and refrain from feeding any of their equine products until further notice from the company.
  • Any horses which may have inadvertently ingested Zilpaterol should be withdrawn from competition.
  • Keep complete records of any batch numbers and samples of GAIN feedstuffs in your yard for the last six weeks at least. This is good practice in any yard at any time for all feedstuffs.
  • Opened bags of feed should be sealed and stored away from any other feed. Keep samples of any GAIN feed used.
  • Make a log of when you purchased and what supplier you used for your GAIN feed.
  • Speak to your vet and nutritional advisor if you feed GAIN products.
  • There is a risk that if you compete and your horse is being fed or has recently been fed a contaminated product you may test positive under FEI and BEFAR procedures.
  • Under FEI Regulations, it is not possible for horses to be tested for Zilpaterol under the elective testing scheme as it is a banned substance.

Any news/updates will be published here when received.