Sonnar Murray-Brown

Rider Profile

Sonnar Murray-Brown

I moved to Gloucestershire in 2017, in the same year I was first selected onto the World Class programme. I have since been fortunate to have been re-selected for another two years.

In 2018, I completed my first year at Grand Prix and rode at my first Internationals. I am incredibly lucky to have two great trainers – Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin. Having their support and guidance has been invaluable.

I didn’t get into dressage until I was about 17 years old, when I first saw someone riding leg-yields while I was working at a showing yard. I fell in love with the sport then, and later concentrated on it full time.

I first learnt to ride when I was three at various riding schools, and was lucky that my non-horsey parents supported my hobby throughout my school years, and I had a fantastic instructor growing up, and spent lots of time in the showing ring. 

Fast-forward 20 years, after a four year gap in my career due to a car accident in 2009, I’m now lucky to have many great horses to ride and we are supported by wonderful owners. Training horses is a long process and is a real journey - I love when the horses do well and make their owners proud.

Dressage isn’t only a sport for us, but often a business and a lifestyle too, so we find it hard to get any downtime. But it’s important to take time away to reflect, and when I do, I find it really improves my performance in training and at competitions. 

I enjoy trying new restaurants and I love going to the city for a few days and going to the theatre. I am a massive fan of most sports but love watching tennis, especially Wimbledon.