Mollie Summerland

Rider Profile

Mollie Summerland

I'm a young eventer, currently working towards building a string of horses for the future so I can continue to ride full-time and event professionally as my career. I only have one main horse out eventing at the moment, so more horsepower is definitely at the forefront of my mind! I spent a couple of years based with Pippa Funnell after my A-levels, which was incredible and she is still very supportive now – it's great to know I can turn to someone as experienced as Pip for advice.

My main horse is Charly Van Ter Heiden, a beautiful dark bay Hanoverian with four white socks – picture perfect as they say! He has had some great results at CCI4*, including many top-10 placings and our career best of third in the Grantham Cup 4* at Belton. Charly was very tricky as a young horse and I spent most of my days falling off him – I remember having a chat with my family about whether we would even be able to give him away to anyone! Luckily he has redeemed himself over the past few years, and a lot of people say some of the best horses are not easy in their younger years. I don't come from a particularly horsey background and got into horses after going to a riding school with my friends at primary school.

 I spend my evenings with my little dog Sammy – he's totally bonkers, so keeps me entertained. 

Sporting Achievements

Date Event Horse Medals
2018 Young Rider European Championships Charly Van Ter Heiden